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Everything from rental of single and double kayaks or canoes.
1/2 day boat cruses can be scheduled in advance.
You'll have a great time with Suwannee Guides and Outfitters!

RENTALS: 1 Hour Half Day Full Day 2 Days
Single or Double Kayaks, Canoes $10.00 $25.00 $30.00 $40.00

WILDLIFE and RIVER CRUISES -  The wildlife, where the river meets the Gulf, at the town of Suwannee, is magnificent.  The lower Suwannee River is surronded by the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, making it one of florida's natural wonders.

2 hour boat cruise @ $30.00 per person with an $100.00 mnimum.

3-4 hour boat cruise  including (weather permitting) a little "Island Exploring" @ $50.00 per person $140.00 minimum.

SHUTTLE SERVICE & PADDLE - Reservations needed in advance.

1. We will pick you up at Manatee Springs & shuttle you to the Fannings Springs area for an 8 mile paddle down the Suwannee River back to Manatee Springs.  If you are at Fanning Springs, we will bring you and the boats back after your paddle.

2. We will pick you up at Fanning Springs, or across the river at Joe Anderson County Park,  and shuttle you to Otter Springs for  a 6mile paddle or to Hart Springs for an 8 mile paddle back to the Fanning Springs area.

3.  We will meet you in the town of Suwannee and shuttle you to Munden Creek (Suwannee back creek trail) or Shired Island (Gulf flats trail) for a 6 - 7 mile paddle back to Anderson Landing River Camp, in Suwannee.

All shuttles in the park area are $30.00 Per Person , with a $50.00 minimum.
We'll also pick you up anywhere and take you anywhere, Ask for a price quote.
Other trips, Group & Children discounts are available.

 Suwannee River Wilderness Trail & Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail
Kayak shuttling and parking. We will take your group, your kayaks/canoes, and gear to your starting point.You can enjoy your adventure, knowing your own vehicle is safe and waiting for you, in Suwannee, at the Suwannee Guides rental house. You can stay the night as you enjoy your return to civilization, or head towards home. Pricing for transportation is figured on mileage.

Suwannee River Wilderness Trail Website | Fish & Wildlife Commission Website

Overnight Vacation Home Rental Available - It's only a glorified doublewide with a nice back porch on the canal, but it works! 
$110.00 a night.

Suwannee Florida vacation rental Suwannee Florida vacation rental Suwannee Florida vacation rental Suwannee Florida vacation rental

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